Welcome to Turkiye Academy

The Academy was founded based on the idea that learning languages help people fit into various societies. Due to the importance of that idea, we took our first step in this entertaining journey where we were successfully able to build an educational and cultural connection between our students and other societies. Not only do we establish a bridge between them, but we also help our students overcome all sorts of difficulties and master their new language as if it were their mother tongue.

Who Are We?

In addition to the student services and the educational and cultural lectures and seminars that help our students pave their bright future picture perfectly, Türkiye’nin Dil Akademisi is an educational institution that aims to provide educational courses in both English and Turkish languages for students who are looking forward to reside or pursue their studies in Turkey.

What are our services?

Türkiye’nin Dil Akademisi provides the following services:

  • Educational courses
  • Conversation Club
  • Educational platform
  • Student and University counseling “for free”
  • Student services
  • Training and rehabilitation seminars
  • Lectures
  • Workshops

What Türkiye’nin Dil Akademisi offer?

Türkiye’nin Dil Akademisi provides the following courses:

  • Turkish Language courses “TÖMER”
  • English Language Courses “TOEFL – IELTS”
  • University Preparation Courses “YÖS – SAT “

Our message:

To upgrade the level of enlightenment and education of our students, and to achieve their ambitions of mastering foreign languages as well as opening a large gate of opportunities to apply to universities or to achieve lots of cultural, social and economical profits.

Our vision:

For the Türkiye’nin Dil Akademisi (TDA) to be the first choice to reffer to in addition to maintaining our valuable educational message and seeking to develop it in a way that improves our beneficial services for our students.

How do we conduct our courses?

  • Our courses are supervised by specialized staff of high skilled and experienced teachers in the above-mentioned fields.
  • A Supportive Educative atmosphere .
  • The integration of information and communication technology tools in teaching and learning.
  • This service relies on the use of SMART technologies in the classroom..
  • Providing “offline” and “online” courses .
  • We carry out exams and tests that assess students’ levels and their improvements accurately and professionally
  • Following up continuously since being a beginner till you reach Profeciency
  • Reliance on educational curricula that are well recognized in Turkey and internationally
  • Providing accredited certificates to successful students in various educational fields

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Our Staff